This beautifully crafted volume merges poems and photographs in recreating an actual voyage and a voyage of personal discovery. Even if you have never sailed from Puget Sound to Alaska, these tender and evocative haiku, and their complementary photos, will take you there in ways you could never imagine.

You will sail into deep fjords, watch wildlife graze remote shores, anchor beside glaciers only accessible by boat or float plane and visit first-nation fishing villages. According to first readers: “The book evokes majesty, surprise, humor, tension and danger.” — “It’s a travelogue, love story and fine poetry collection wrapped up in one beautiful package.”

“The book is a meditation on the shifting emotional textures of life aboard Haiku, a 31-foot trawler. Weather changes, light shifts, the tides ebb and flow. Haiku’s wake vanishes and only these words remain. This is a beautiful book, about a woman, a man, and the waters they pass through. Read it. But slowly.” – Michael Boxall, author of The Great Firewall.

A perfect book for travelers and a must-have book for all true lovers of poetry.

97 pages