September 28th, 2021: Due to a large influx of submissions, we are not accepting new queries at the present time.

When we open up again, keep in mind that we are a small company which only provides basic services to its authors. We offer limited editing, formatting and cover design services. We print and place our author’s books on Amazon (hard copy and e-format) and on Barnes & Noble.

A larger publisher could provide the more extensive editing, layout and publicity services your work merits.  You might also seek an agent who could find the best place for your work, especially if it is a genre outside of our norm or requires extensive color artwork.

When we open up again, these are the ground rules:

Submit a letter of inquiry via email that describes the book, the completion date of the manuscript and its proposed length.

Provide us with your credentials as a writer, including your publishing history.

After reviewing your inquiry, we may request a detailed proposal and sample of the manuscript.  Allow two weeks to review an inquiry.

We will accept simultaneous submissions. We request that you inform us that the manuscript is also being submitted elsewhere and contact us immediately if another publisher accepts the work.