At the urging of Crimthain the Druid, Maeldun and sixteen companions embark on a mission of vengeance, a mission in which they hope to redeem the tarnished honor of Clan Murtagh. But they soon find themselves caught between their loyalties to the old pagan gods and their fear of the new God now worshipped by small groups of Christians in the west of Ireland.What they’d hoped would be a straightforward — though highly dangerous — mission of retribution turns into something else as Maeldun and his fellow mariners become entangled in a series of mystifying adventures.Set during the period when Ireland was first being Christianized, THE VOYAGE OF MAELDUN belongs to the age-old tradition of nautical adventures such as those experienced by famed voyagers like Homer’s Odysseus, Jason and the Argonauts, Sinbad the Sailor, and Saint Brendan the Navigator.

274 pages