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Triple Divide 1000 1567 Pale Horse Books

Triple Divide

After completing their deployments to Afghanistan, three American soldiers return home. But a raid on an Afghan village they were involved in has left them with deep moral uncertainties. Being back in America brings them no peace.

After visiting his mother in Montana, one of the three men disappears into the vast wilderness of Glacier National Park. His destination is Triple Divide Peak, a mount top from which the rainfall flows into three oceans. The other two men, fearing for his well-being, undertake separate missions to rescue him. Will they find him in time? And in their attempts to do that, what truths—if any—will they discover about themselves and each other?

Inspired by Homer’s The Odyssey, the novel depicts each of the men’s personal odyssey of courage, self-knowledge, and redemption. It portrays the psychological and emotional aftermath that war can have on the soldiers who fought in it, and the redemptive power of those who love them.   

“While this novel is first and foremost an adventure and a thriller, Triple Divide is also an inspiring take on the human condition, able to open human hearts to self-awareness and, I think, a deeper peace.”  — Michael Gurian, New York Times bestselling author of Saving Our Sons and The Stone Boys

“Triple Divide is a fast-paced novel exploring the long-term consequences of the hard decisions made in war on those who fight. Tobin vividly describes both people and the landscapes they move through, giving particular care to the deep, oft-unspoken bonds between men. I couldn’t put down this gripping book!”  — Kayla Williams, author of the memoir, Love My Rifle More than You

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Ma, Wee Got Nuthin Here But Mud & Muskeeters 576 864 Pale Horse Books

Ma, Wee Got Nuthin Here But Mud & Muskeeters

Between June, 1861 and June, 1862, the lower Virginia Peninsula from Fort Monroe to Richmond changed from a quiet backwater to the focus of the Civil War. First person historian Jeff Toalson features the voices of 67 soldiers, sailors, farmers, clerks, nurses, watermen, teachers, newspapermen and wives to tell a very personal and intimate story of their innermost thoughts as war comes to southeastern Virginia.

These soldiers and civilians wrote remarkable letters and kept astonishing diaries and journals. They discuss disease, slavery, inflation, death, religion, mosquitoes, desertion, damage to farms and crops, a desire to see their loved ones and the constant complaining about the mud caused by the unending rain. They will relate more than 400 stories of events around Gloucester, Fort Monroe, Yorktown, Newport News, Williamsburg, Seven Pines and many lesser-known locations.

Ma, Wee Got Nuthin Here But Mud & Muskeeters is a worthy companion to Mr. Toalson’s four previous award winning histories. We are reminded that to understand this terrible conflict you must read the first-person accounts of the common person. Private Holland shares the feelings of some his fellow soldiers after less than 60 days on the peninsula. They would prefer to be residents of the lunatic asylum in Williamsburg!

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The Lance of Longinus – John Conlee 515 789 Pale Horse Books

The Lance of Longinus – John Conlee

According to Christian tradition, the spear thrust of a Roman soldier inflicted Christ’s fifth and final wound on the Cross. To this day, several European museums claim to possess this infamous weapon, variously known as “The Spear of Destiny,” “The Lance of Longinus” or simply “The Holy Spear.”

Because of its direct, ‘intimate’ contact with the incarnate body of Christ, this object is revered throughout Christendom as one of the holiest relics in existence—if it is in existence. If there is such a spear, its monetary value would be incalculable. Is it any wonder, then, that there are people who will stop at nothing to obtain it—including committing murder?

Through a series of bizarre occurrences, Allie Tremayne and Charles Bascombe find them selves in possession of an ancient Roman spearhead, an artifact that Allie found in a prayer chapel in a 15th-century church in Glastonbury, England. Where did this ancient artifact come from? And what should they do with it? Will the possession of it place them in grave danger, danger so grave that it could result in their demise?

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The Bruton Parish Story 900 1269 Pale Horse Books

The Bruton Parish Story

In partnership with Bruton Parish Church, we are now distributing The Bruton Parish Story by Donna L. Bailey through this website and on Produced by The Donning Company Publishers, it’s the latest book on iconic Bruton parish in Colonial Williamsburg. The building was completed in 1715. The parish itself is more than three hundred years old and has been at the crossroads of early American history.

Through the narrative and photos, readers will follow the rich story of the parish, the building, and events witnessed by its people since 1674. Full of images, it expands on the contributions of Dr. W.A.R. Goodwin (colleague of John D. Rockefeller, Jr.) and discusses the role of African Americans. Other sections highlight sacred organ music, notable visitors, and nine of the best known cemetery monuments.

The book concludes with descriptions of ministries undertaken today by this active congregation of the Episcopal Church, both within and beyond its walls.

John Conlee’s awaited sequel to The Brothers Pendragon, The Last Pendragon, now available! 1634 2533 Pale Horse Books

John Conlee’s awaited sequel to The Brothers Pendragon, The Last Pendragon, now available!

King Arthur, his nephew Sir Gawaine, and most of the other surviving Knights of the Round Table, have “crossed the water” to pursue vengeance upon Sir Launcelot, whose relationship with the Queen has caused the collapse of the Round Table Fellowship.

In the King’s absence, Mordred, King Arthur’s son, reigns supreme in the city as the Prince Regent. When news from abroad suggests that the King may be dead, Mordred lays plans for his own coronation; he summons Britain’s highest nobles to attend the event. Among those nobles is Lute, Mordred’s half-brother and the Earl of Sanham.

What does Mordred have in mind for Lute, who, because he is several months older than Mordred, actually has a greater claim to the throne? Whatever it is, it’s bound to be something quite nasty.

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Acclaim for Sally Stiles’ 6th book, Like a Mask Dancing, a Tanzanian Story 1685 2560 Pale Horse Books

Acclaim for Sally Stiles’ 6th book, Like a Mask Dancing, a Tanzanian Story

Acclaims for Sally Stiles’ 6th book, Like a Mask Dancing, a Tanzanian Story

“I finished the book this afternoon and absolutely love it! A master of dialog.” — Dr. Linda Durman, author of Who Said Life Should Be Easy?

“I have savored every word of this magnificent book.” — Ann Cowan, Co-founder, The Canadian Center for Studies in Publishing

“Of the several books I’ve read set in Africa, this is the best.” — Dr. Donna Davenport, author of Singing Mother Home

“Thoughtful and humanitarian. Highly recommended.” — Greg Lilly, author of Stray and six other books.

“A warmhearted novel filled with drama and an eyes-wide-open look at one corner of Africa” —Nicole Chen, author of Tiger Tail Soup

“A compassionate and rich story with a true sense of place and wonder, written with tenderness and grace.” –Kathleen Jabs, author of Black Wings

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You won’t want to miss Roger Conlee’s ninth historical thriller! In 1953,Winston Churchill vanishes and Whitehall is in a panic. Has the Old Lion been kidnapped, murdered? Jake Weaver and his daughter, Ilse, head for Berlin to penetrate the iron curtain — and unravel the mystery.

“First rate historical thriller that provides an insightful, up-close view of the divided city of Berlin in the aftermath of WWII.” — Percy Hunter.