Aaron Chadwick’s job is to save Tanzania’s largest industrial complex. After three weeks in this vast, alluring country, his wife, Anna, has met missionaries and Muslims, Maasai herders, expatriates both indifferent and committed. She’s slept among lions and giraffes and learned of men who chewed off cats’ heads. She’s seen a pleasure ground for the wealthy and a garbage dump which serves as a playground for the poorest of the poor. She’s seen her husband angry and determined to save what may be impossible to save. She’s seen all these things through the long lens of a visitor and now resolves to zoom in closer. She resolves to make Africa her home.

“In the small Tanzanian village of Ahadi, Anna Chadwick pushes past the scourge of AIDS, corruption and her own uncertainties to embrace the women, men and children she comes to love. Beautifully written.”  — James Tobin

“Thoughtful and humanitarian. Highly recommended” — Greg Lilly

ISBN # 978-1-939917-03-4