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Across the Covered Bridge – Sally Stiles

Nine linked stories take you from a glamorous lifestyle in New York City to a simple New England cottage. You’ll meet art aficionado Sonia Langhorne and her husband, Logan, radically changed just before the birth of their son, Will. Both Will and his sixteen-year-old son, Charlie, narrate life-altering stories, as does Clare, the perceptive wife of beloved handyman, Riley.

“Sonia Langhorne’s journey of self-actualization will challenge your beliefs about material wealth and social status. It may even change your life. A must read!”
— Len Shartzer

“A Cezanne painting and a poem scribbled on a boy’s baseball glove help to transform a woman into the person she was always meant to be. Sally Stiles’ beautiful and insightful writing brings to life a fascinating character you will love and always remember.” — J.E. Tobin, author of When We Were Wolves and The Triple Divide.

“In Across the Covered Bridge, Sally Stiles unveils a tucked-away world filled with remarkable creativity, rich characters, and deep compassion for our all-too-human journeys.”—Kathleen T. Jabs, author of Black Wings


The Rarest Book in the World – John Conlee

How far would an avid book collector go to obtain a copy of “The Rarest Book in the World?” For a few rapacious bibliophiles, the answer to that question might be—as far as necessary.

Intrigue follows intrigue as you search for clues in John Conlee’s latest novel, again featuring American scholar Charles Bascombe and the spectacular but potentially dangerous Cornwall coast. Who offed the bookseller? Who then threatened the book buyer? And, perhaps, the most intriguing question of all: Who once owned The Rarest Book in The World?


Triple Divide – J. E. Tobin

After completing their deployments to Afghanistan, three American soldiers return home. But a raid on an Afghan village they were involved in has left them with deep moral uncertainties. Being back in America brings them no peace.

After visiting his mother in Montana, one of the three men disappears into the vast wilderness of Glacier National Park. His destination is Triple Divide Peak, a mount top from which the rainfall flows into three oceans. The other two men, fearing for his well-being, undertake separate missions to rescue him. Will they find him in time? And in their attempts to do that, what truths—if any—will they discover about themselves and each other?

Inspired by Homer’s The Odyssey, the novel depicts each of the men’s personal odyssey of courage, self-knowledge, and redemption. It portrays the psychological and emotional aftermath that war can have on the soldiers who fought in it, and the redemptive power of those who love them.   

“While this novel is first and foremost an adventure and a thriller, Triple Divide is also an inspiring take on the human condition, able to open human hearts to self-awareness and, I think, a deeper peace.”  — Michael Gurian, New York Times bestselling author of Saving Our Sons and The Stone Boys

“Triple Divide is a fast-paced novel exploring the long-term consequences of the hard decisions made in war on those who fight. Tobin vividly describes both people and the landscapes they move through, giving particular care to the deep, oft-unspoken bonds between men. I couldn’t put down this gripping book!”   — Kayla Williams, author of the memoir, Love My Rifle More than You


The Lance of Longinus – John Conlee

According to Christian tradition, the spear thrust of a Roman soldier inflicted Christ’s fifth and final wound on the Cross. To this day, several European museums claim to possess this infamous weapon, variously known as “The Spear of Destiny,” “The Lance of Longinus” or simply “The Holy Spear.”

Because of its direct, ‘intimate’ contact with the incarnate body of Christ, this object is revered throughout Christendom as one of the holiest relics in existence—if it is in existence. If there is such a spear, its monetary value would be incalculable. Is it any wonder, then, that there are people who will stop at nothing to obtain it—including committing murder?

Through a series of bizarre occurrences, Allie Tremayne and Charles Bascombe find them selves in possession of an ancient Roman spearhead, an artifact that Allie found in a prayer chapel in a 15th-century church in Glastonbury, England. Where did this ancient artifact come from? And what should they do with it? Will the possession of it place them in grave danger, danger so grave that it could result in their demise?


The Last Pendragon – John Conlee

The Brothers Pendragon: United by blood — and separated by blood In the early spring, two young men arrive in Uther Pendragon’s magnificent city. They have never met before, nor is either of them known to the king or anyone else in the city. Each of the young men soon demonstrates his great promise and prowess and begins making a name for himself. Yet despite their undeniable abilities, the two youths could hardly be more different in temperament, values, or psychological makeup. When they first arrive in the city, each of them hopes it will be here in King Uther Pendragon’s great city that he will discover his true destiny. In both cases, their hopes are soon be manifested — though not quite in the fashion either of them anticipated.


When We Were Wolves – J. E. Tobin

Tom Wingfield lives in a small Virginia town famous as the birthplace of U.S. presidents and Sonny Rawlins, America’s most celebrated college coach. For thirty years, Tom has kept secret the truth about Rawlins. But a news story sets off a chain of events that will entrap Tom and his family in a media storm.

Only one thing can save Tom and the life he has built. He must enter Sonny’s Monster House one more time.


Lion at Twilight – Roger L. Conlee

In 1953, Winston Churchill vanishes and Whitehall is in a panic. Has the Old Lion been kidnapped, murdered? Jake Weaver and his daughter, Ilse, head for Berlin to penetrate the iron curtain — and unravel the mystery.


Cataclysm – John Conlee

A group of diverse and interesting eco-tourists emerge from from a cave in New Mexico to find themselves in a vastly different word from the one they’d known before. CATACLYSM is the story of how they survive–some even thrive–against all odds.


The Chaucer Codex – John Conlee

A young medieval scholar goes to Cornwall to investigate a mysterious manuscript. Does it contain a previously unknown Chaucer poem? As he and his Oxford mentor seek the answer, he is stalked in an eerie, moon-lit churchyard, victimized by determined car thieves, threatened in an alley behind a pub, and encounters beguiling women, one of whom teaches him that Cornish mermaids can pose serious threats to mortal men.


The Brothers Pendragon – John Conlee

The Brothers Pendragon: United by blood — and separated by blood In the early spring, two young men arrive in Uther Pendragon’s magnificent city. They have never met before, nor is either of them known to the king or anyone else in the city. Each of the young men soon demonstrates his great promise and prowess and begins making a name for himself. Yet despite their undeniable abilities, the two youths could hardly be more different in temperament, values, or psychological makeup. When they first arrive in the city, each of them hopes it will be here in King Uther Pendragon’s great city that he will discover his true destiny. In both cases, their hopes are soon be manifested — though not quite in the fashion either of them anticipated.


The Heater – John Conlee

Baseball, opera, literary antiquities, and acts of violent retribution all converge in John Conlee’s THE HEATER. Set in the present, this novel traces events through an entire baseball season while at the same time re-enacting the ancient Celtic tale of “Deirdre of the Sorrows.” The novel’s protagonist is Ty Duffy, the opera-loving second baseman of the Bay City Grays, whose unswerving loyalty to his friend and teammate culminates in a violent denouement on a wind-swept island off the west coast of Ireland.

304 pages


Rounding Third – John Conlee

The eagerly-anticipated sequel to The Heater is now available through Pale Horse Books.

An unheralded rookie catcher is inexplicably added to the roster of the Bay City Grays, perennial also-rans in the American League East. As the Grays struggle to achieve respectability, this enigmatic lad from lower Alabama suddenly begins contributing in dramatic and unexpected ways.

Who is this lad who has seemingly come out of nowhere?

314 pages


The Voyage of Maeldun – John Conlee

At the urging of Crimthain the Druid, Maeldun and sixteen companions embark on a mission of vengeance, a mission in which they hope to redeem the tarnished honor of Clan Murtagh. But they soon find themselves caught between their loyalties to the old pagan gods and their fear of the new God now worshipped by small groups of Christians in the west of Ireland.What they’d hoped would be a straightforward — though highly dangerous — mission of retribution turns into something else as Maeldun and his fellow mariners become entangled in a series of mystifying adventures.Set during the period when Ireland was first being Christianized, THE VOYAGE OF MAELDUN belongs to the age-old tradition of nautical adventures such as those experienced by famed voyagers like Homer’s Odysseus, Jason and the Argonauts, Sinbad the Sailor, and Saint Brendan the Navigator.

274 pages


Like a Mask Dancing — Sally Stiles

Aaron Chadwick’s job is to save Tanzania’s largest industrial complex. After three weeks in this vast, alluring country, his wife, Anna, has met missionaries and Muslims, Maasai herders, expatriates both indifferent and committed. She’s slept among lions and giraffes and learned of men who chewed off cats’ heads. She’s seen a pleasure ground for the wealthy and a garbage dump which serves as a playground for the poorest of the poor. She’s seen her husband angry and determined to save what may be impossible to save. She’s seen all these things through the long lens of a visitor and now resolves to zoom in closer. She resolves to make Africa her home.

“In the small Tanzanian village of Ahadi, Anna Chadwick pushes past the scourge of AIDS, corruption and her own uncertainties to embrace the women, men and children she comes to love. Beautifully written.”  — James Tobin

“Thoughtful and humanitarian. Highly recommended” — Greg Lilly


Petra, a Novel – Patricia K. Gray

PETRA explores the redemptive power of love and friendship in an intoxicating story of art and ambition, guilt and forgiveness, travel and empire in the 19th century Middle East. In 1860, Thomas Hudson towers over the New York art world, an artist celebrated for paintings glowing with the power of American nature. By 1868, the death of his children and new tastes in art collecting haunt his studio. Searching for forgiveness and inspiration, he travels to Paris, Alexandria, Beirut, Jerusalem, and the ancient city of Petra to revive his fame with stunning, exotic paintings.In his caravan are a devious American entrepreneur, a sympathetic Oxford don, and a spirited English noblewoman married to a Bedouin sheikh. Hudson’s journey across a vast map of desire, frustration, danger and discovery illuminates both the past and present.

335 pages


Souls on the Wind – Roger L. Conlee

In the Alps of Germany and Austria, legend has it that the souls of the dead ride the strange, unseasonal wind known as the Föhn. In Souls on the Wind, readers ride that mystical zephyr from Vienna to California and – just possibly – into one of the bloodiest battles of the American Civil War. All this because of a stolen crown jewel that may have supernatural qualities. Souls on the Wind is a morality play, a love story, ghost story, and science fiction all rolled into one compelling package.“Even if you don’t believe in reincarnation, this novel will leave you wondering.” — Edward Joseph Mayo

330 pages


Every Shape, Every Shadow – Roger L. Conlee

EVERY SHAPE, EVERY SHADOW’S depiction of a bright and lonely young Marine’s struggle to find purpose and courage will resonate with young Americans facing the same fears and pressures in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This historical novel provides a gripping and highly realistic depiction of the Guadalcanal campaign of World War II, which proved to be a major turning point in America’s war with Japan in the Western Pacific.

“An accurate portrayal of our difficult struggle.” Merrill B. Twining, USNA 1923, General, USMC (Ret.)

“A must-read for veterans, particularly those of the Marine Corps and Army infantry, who will recall the sights, sounds and horror of face-to-face combat.” — Sterling (Kansas) Bulletin

EVERY SHAPE, EVERY SHADOW received the Military Writers Society of America’s 2006 Distinguished Honor Award.

267 pages


Counterclockwise – Roger Conlee

What if you discovered—contrary to established history—that on Good Friday, 1942, Japanese forces made a massive bombing attack on Los Angeles and San Diego? And that in that raid your own father had been killed, ten years before you’d even been born?

In Roger L. Conlee’s new novel, a cop, a spy, a glamorous movie star and a dogged reporter collide in this unconventional book-within-a-book, which is partly alternative history, partly thriller, and partly science fiction.

As one reviewer has written, “Counterclockwise never fails to surprise as each successive layer is peeled back. Michael Crichton, you have company.” — Walter Haskins

“ Counterclockwise offers a wonderfully compelling portrait of wartime America in the early 1940s.” — An reviewer

274 pages


The Hindenburg Letter – Roger Conlee

An impulsive reporter for William Randolph Hearst risks his very life to steal into Nazi Germany during World War II on a desperate mission of family revenge. Against his better judgment, he also agrees to do some spying for President Roosevelt. It’s all a big recipe for disaster. This fascinating suspense thriller paints a rich and authentic picture of this dark, critical period in world hhistory.

318 pages


Fog and Darkness – Roger L. Conlee

Roger L. Conlee’s fith novel is being called masterful historical fiction. Two protagonists, always in great danger, face the horrific final year of World War II. Historic figures such as President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Generals Douglas MacArthur and George Patton, and rocket scientist Wernher von Braun play roles in this narrative, which is told with faithful historical accuracy.“Conlee writes masterful historical fiction. Intrigue, love, and war glimmer through this tale of a fateful hour.” — Elizabeth Cobbs Hoffman, author of “Broken Promises, A Novel of the Civil War”

331 pages


Dare The Devil – Roger L. Conlee

Investigative reporter Jake Weaver dares the devil by writing hard-hitting news stories exposing the crimes of postwar Los Angeles gangsters Bugsy Siegel and Jack Dragna, putting himself, his wife and daughter in jeopardy.

Add to the mix a beautiful female British spy and a sadistic Nazi fugitive, a vicious torturer known as The Buchenwald Butcher, and you are on a thrill ride.

“A breathless read!” — Lynn Kennedy, author.

264 pages


Deep Water – Roger L. Conlee

Deep Water deals with the early days of the Cold War and the paranoia of McCarthyism. You’ll encounter Harry Truman, William Randolph Hearst and young John F. Kennedy as reporter Jake Weaver finds himself in deep water while investigating powerful corporate and banking conspiracies.

“A page-turning thriller (which will) keep you reading through the night.” — Lynne Kennedy, author

254 pages


After the Wind – Roger L. Conlee

Newspaper publisher William Randolph Hearst has died, and ace reporter Jake Weaver tries to help Hearst’s long-time lover, Marion Davies, receive her share of the fortune. But the plan backfires and Weaver becomes a murder suspect. And Weaver’s friend, Marine Corps office Kenny Nielsen, finds himself embroiled in the savage early months of the Korean War.

“After the Wind reads like history because it is real history.”–Edward Joseph Mayo