The Lance of Longinus – John Conlee

The Lance of Longinus – John Conlee

The Lance of Longinus – John Conlee 515 789 Pale Horse Books

According to Christian tradition, the spear thrust of a Roman soldier inflicted Christ’s fifth and final wound on the Cross. To this day, several European museums claim to possess this infamous weapon, variously known as “The Spear of Destiny,” “The Lance of Longinus” or simply “The Holy Spear.”

Because of its direct, ‘intimate’ contact with the incarnate body of Christ, this object is revered throughout Christendom as one of the holiest relics in existence—if it is in existence. If there is such a spear, its monetary value would be incalculable. Is it any wonder, then, that there are people who will stop at nothing to obtain it—including committing murder?

Through a series of bizarre occurrences, Allie Tremayne and Charles Bascombe find them selves in possession of an ancient Roman spearhead, an artifact that Allie found in a prayer chapel in a 15th-century church in Glastonbury, England. Where did this ancient artifact come from? And what should they do with it? Will the possession of it place them in grave danger, danger so grave that it could result in their demise?

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