The Last Pendragon – John Conlee


The Brothers Pendragon: United by blood — and separated by blood In the early spring, two young men arrive in Uther Pendragon’s magnificent city. They have never met before, nor is either of them known to the king or anyone else in the city. Each of the young men soon demonstrates his great promise and prowess and begins making a name for himself. Yet despite their undeniable abilities, the two youths could hardly be more different in temperament, values, or psychological makeup. When they first arrive in the city, each of them hopes it will be here in King Uther Pendragon’s great city that he will discover his true destiny. In both cases, their hopes are soon be manifested — though not quite in the fashion either of them anticipated.

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King Arthur, his nephew Sir Gawaine, and most of the other surviving Knights of the Round Table, have “crossed the water” to pursue vengeance upon Sir Launcelot, whose relationship with the Queen has caused the collapse of the Round Table Fellowship. In the King’s absence, Mordred, King Arthur’s son, reigns supreme in the city as the Prince Regent. When news from abroad suggests that the King may be dead, Mordred lays plans for his own coronation; he summons Britain’s highest nobles to attend the event. Among those nobles is Lute, Mordred’s half-brother and the Earl of Sanham. What does Mordred have in mind for Lute, who, because he is several months older than Mordred, actually has a greater claim to the throne? Whatever it is, it’s bound to be something quite nasty.