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THE DRAGON STONE – Tales of Arthur, Merlin & Cabal

– John Conlee

In which Arthur, the younger son of a minor British nobleman, receives vital help from Merlin and Arthur’s dog Cabal, and survives a series of attempts on his life, in the process proving himself qualified to become Britain’s new High King.  Just out — a new, revised edition.

— 176 pages $13.95 —

New Edition!
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A CUP OF KINDNESS – Tales of Arthur, Merlin & Cabal– John Conlee

In the second novel in the series, the new young king’s ability to rule Britain and establish civil order is severely tested in a series of struggles against the rebellious barons and lesser kings who have refused to accept young Arthur as King Uther Pendragon’s true heir and Britain’s rightful king.  (Revised cover shown)

— 174 pages $9.95 —

Newly Revised!!
Price(USD): $13.95

THE KING OF MUD & GRASS – Tales of Arthur, Merlin & Cabal– John Conlee

British forces, with their backs against the wall, must do battle at the high hill known as the Barren Down against the invading Saxon armies. In this third novel, Arthur, Merlin, and Cabal are tested in different ways—and not all three of them succeed in passing their test.

— 177 pages $9.95 —

Price(USD): $9.95



IN THE SUMMER COUNTRY – Tales of Arthur, Merlin & Cabal – John Conlee

In this fourth novel, Arthur and Cabal experience the wonders and brave the grave dangers of the Faerie Otherworld in their attempt to rescue Gwinevere and her little brother Melleas from their cruel and tyrannical captors.

— 190 pages $9.95 —

Price(USD): $9.95

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