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John Conlee’s latest novel now available
in Paperback and E-Reader


A young medieval scholar goes to Cornwall to investigate a mysterious manuscript. Does it contain a previously unknown Chaucer poem? As he and his Oxford mentor seek the answer, he is stalked in an eerie, moon-lit churchyard, victimized by determined car thieves, threatened in an alley behind a pub, and encounters beguiling women, one of whom teaches him that Cornish mermaids can pose serious threats to mortal men.

First acclaims  for Sally Stiles’ 6th book,


“I finished the book this afternoon and absolutely love it! A master of dialog.”
— Dr. Linda Durman, author of Who Said Life Should Be Easy?

 “I have savored every word of this magnificent book.”
— Ann Cowan, Co-founder, The Canadian Center for Studies in Publishing

“Of the several books I’ve read set in Africa, this is the best.”
— Dr. Donna Davenport, author of  Singing Mother Home 

“Sally Stiles has captured so much with her compassionate sensibility and writing ability.” — Phyllis Barber, author of nine books, including just released The Desert Between Us

“Thoughtful and humanitarian. Highly recommended.”
— Greg Lilly, author of Stray and six other books.

   “A warmhearted novel filled with drama and an eyes-wide-open look at one corner of Africa”  – Nicole Chen, author of Tiger Tail Soup

    “A compassionate and rich story… with a true sense of place and wonder, written with tenderness and grace. Highly recommended!!!” – Kathleen Jabs, author of Black Wings

Anna Chadwick follows her husband to Tanzania where he becomes general manager of a mill. At first, she imagines herself a “lone wren perched on the sidelines while her husband becomes leader of the flock.” But, through a series of dramatic episodes, and a growing understanding of the effects of poverty, AIDS and corruption,  a recognition of the heritage all humankind shares,  she is able to embrace the men, women and children of the village she comes to love.


Sally Stiles’ third collection of dramatic photographs and inspiring haiku.

Join the author on a small trawler to make the voyage of a lifetime from Seattle, Washington to Sitka, Alaska and back.

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